"The Dixieland Messengers Praha " was founded in 1998 by a trombon player Václav Fiala with the intention to develop and follow an idea of interpreting improvised music from the classic New Orleans jazz period by keeping the usual instrumentation: trumpet, clarinet, trombon, double bass, banjo and drums. It is probably the youngest band in Czech Republic in spite of the fact that some of the musicians are among the oldest still active musicians (they perform on the czech jazz stage from the end of the 50s) . In the "The Dixieland Messengers Praha" two younger generations of musicians meet and such a meeting is advantageous for both sides. So, an experienced and enthusiastic band has arised, the players quickly win a friendly acknowledgement and cheers from their listeners at home and abroad, as well. "The Dixieland Messengers Praha has a steady engagement in a prominent jazzclub "Reduta" and Jazz Dock. The participations at international jazz festivals Dixieland Festival Dresden, Dixieland Fesztival Salgotarjan, etc. Were very successful too. You can make up your opinion yourself by visiting jazzclubs where "The Dixieland Messengers Praha" plays. You are sincerely invited by


Václav Fiala Bandleader and Trombon player 

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